AfroBeats’ Gabi DeFeel Escapes 3 Day Kidnap, Tells Her Story Of Torture, Starvation & Mass Rape


After performing her excessively seductive songs back-to-back over the weekend in a nude club jam in Accra, the sexually provocative porn-brand Gabi DeFeel gets missing few minutes she left the stage and had a chat with the three guys who rained US dollars on her when during performance. According to her worried team, they had Gabi’s phone with them, so they didn’t know how else to reach her when they could’t find her in the club after she left the stage.

It was a mystery where Gabi was until she came home last night bruised and crying. Telling her bitter ordeal, she was starved, tortured and beaten up for not succumbing to mass rape by the guys and her friends.

Gabi said she was driven away in a tinted Toyota Camry, so she can’t tell exactly where they took her to, she was kidnapped there for three days. She could only escape through the sneak support of one the guys who wasn’t interested in what his friends were doing to her. He drove her out in the same car when his friends were out of home last night and dropped her somewhere along the Tema Motorway when nobody was watching.

Team Gabi has reported the case to the police, investigation is ongoing and Gabi is sure the police will get hold of the bad guys as she picked their cars number. The Accra MTTU section of the police is dealing with the case.

Gabi is famous for her following songs, some which she performs provocatively.

  1. Gabi DeFeel – Tundra Gabi DeFeel – Eye Woa 

    3. Gabi DeFeel – BBF