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  WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel BLOG: i360entertainment.com While the heat of Stonebwoy's 'Kpo K3K3' is boiling up on the radio waves and in the clubs and street, his genre colleague Kamelyeon tends to fan up the heat with his 'Adonko' ( a challenger sequel to 'Kpo K3k3') With Kamelyeon's 'Adonko' sequeling hot as a big buzz, there will be a rough chase down...
Enjoy this hot video treat from Gabi DeFeel.
Here, a dj mix compiled by DJ Sno White, our Canadian dj. Enjoy. https://www.mixcloud.com/SsnoWhitee/reggae-3-years-countin-dj-sno-white/    
On ‘Ololufe’, the second time; Herty Corgie shows she is coming into her stride and manifesting the promise she’s always been pegged down for as a potential world gospel star. Digging into her favourite activity of edifying the Supreme Divine, Corgie narrates she was broken and shattered, completely rejected but when she managed to lift her eye to the hills,...
On ‘Yahweh’, one of the tunes, Herty Corgie rides on this mellow beat produced by ‘Byte’ Productions, Corgie makes the case that Jesus the Christ was slain for humanity’s sin and must be revered for his ultimate sacrifice. This music is soothing and has brilliant backing vocals. Cogie rendering a superb performance submits Jesus is her King and Lord...
‘Yahweh’ & ‘Ololufe’ is new release from gospel star Herty Corgie by michael eli dokosi/www.blakkpepper.com/ghana Herty Corgie is on a roll folks. After offering the ‘Glory’ single to warm response and successfully staging the ‘Overflow Concert’ in Maryland USA at the Grace 2 Grace Centre on June 2, there’s’ new content for the fans. Without relenting nor slacking Ms. Corgie has impressively...
Envy is a negative energy, it destroys a good heart. The time you will spend envying someone, use that same time to plan yor next best success moves. RAS AMANKWATIA - Envy
  High on her high tempo freak, Gabi DeFeel takes us back to the danceflloor with "Pumpum Market", her next hot track after "Kpokpomo" Wanna burn some fat? Get your fast DOWNLOAD now, then. GABI DeFEEL - Pumpum Market
Nadji got this hot one for you. Get a feel of her sweet vibes and be a fan.
Even as it gets to a period in an artiste’s career when their brain is naturally stressed out and it can’t create powerful lyrics or in a temporary moment when they can’t produce good content for a particular subject they’re writing about, they still ignore the importance of involving a songwriter to co-write with them or give them second-mind...
A beautiful dancehall dance piece from Fishbone Corleone, check it out.
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