[Bad Bars Cypher]:- Trigazy Takes The Mid-Turn Spot On Bad Bars As Separator Artiste Between 6 Set Mates


Written By: Regula Rebel
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The so special middle part of the Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #1 beat is a reserved spot meant for the project artiste who could be very skillful at meandering his lyrical flow masterfully enough to strike a perfect separation between the other 6 artistes voicing on the beat —- on this consideration, picking a separator artiste from the 7 artiste set for the cypher proves a bias decision, [as the artistes in the set are equally good] but Trigarzy has been picked as the ideal separator artiste for the special mid spot to lace it up with some wild tasty catchy lines.


As a separator artiste between his 6 cypher set colleague artistes, Trig has at his right start side (Kojo Bars, Kelly T and Benny Cyprus (on the FIRST 3-turn beat part)  and at his left end side MadRas, Shella and Ikie Stylish (on the LAST 3-turn beat part).

Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #1 is the maiden episode of i360entertainment‘s bi-weekly release cypher project. Each episode beat is strung up with 7 artistes, each to run a one minute single verse. Every Bad Bars release comes in audio and video version. Also in a chrono text version which shows each artiste’s lyrics.


Mass recording of Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #1 starts a day or two after next mid-week. The voices will be tracked by IbeeOnTheBeat, but the beat was produced by Ray Rock.

i360entertainment.com is the official prime blog for Bad Bars, Regula Rebel (CEO of the blog) is the concept originator of the project.

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