Blakka Route, Africa’s Next Big Reggae Dub Poet


Written By: Regula Rebel
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Despite the highly dreaded fact that dub poetry requires a rare poetic genius, a higher literary intellectuality and its being a tough minority reggae subgenre which scares away many from taking risk with it, Blakka Route comfortably occupies a natural spot in the genre and he delivers his lyrics with a pleasing vocal appeal that makes listening to him a strong religion.

Versed in the powerful teachings of higher esoteric consciousness, Blakka Route chiefly keeps a brand path walked by mental feet that delight in revolutionary feats. His musical messages, just like any typical hardcore reggae song, awaken the spirit and soul.

With cleverly woven songs like “Time”, ” Word, Power And Sound “, “One Great Giant”, and “Abbysinia”, the listener realises the great difference Blakka Route brings to reggae made in Africa. He is relatively unique, and can be proudly written of as one of the very best few reggae dub poets Africa can boast of.

In a few years to come, Blakka Route would be one of the most sought-after reggae dub poets worldwide, playing big international festivals and being held highly by the African Diaspora for historical cultural events.

Blakka Route was born, bred and schooled in Ghana. He is a songwriter, performer, instrumentalist and a civil engineer.

Currently, Blakka Route has one album to his credit, — the “Know Thyself” album on which the following tracks are found. Production credit goes to Zapp Mallet, one of the top senior music producers in Ghana.


BLAKKA ROUTE – Word, Sound And Power



BLAKKA ROUTE – One Great Giant

BLAKKA ROUTE – Abbysinia

Social And Business Contacts
Facebook: Blakka Route
Instagram: Blakkaroutegh1
Twitter: @blakkaroute

Published on 21st August, 2018.




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