Cruked Route Drops His “Wild Thoughts” EP, A Fine Hybrid Between Reggae And Hip Hop

WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel

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While in the studio recording for his maiden EP, the revolutionary lyricist Cruked Route had a wild bridge project in mind, on the quest to twin-up the elements of reggae and hip hop into a dual-wave jam and keep his brand consistent in that hybrid lane.

All 6 tracks on Cruked Route’s “Wild Thoughts” EP were cut to fit both genre’s foundation fan’s listening needs. While the reggae beat gives you a smooth surfing on the track, his conscious soul-catching rap gets your head nod. His reggae-hip hop hybrid pieces leave no middle space for guessing between pause or stop, the pieces are finely blended to command a continued play, mostly because his choice of lyrics brings a new healing pleasure to the ears.

“Up Run Out”, the EP’s opener track is straight esoteric consciousness work, and it goes to those beating around the woke community — giving them the urge to join in.

Further listening down through “Stained Paradise”, “Awake”, ” Ehiende” and “Still Moving” which has Buju Banton on it, it’s an obvious clue that Cruked Route is on a mission to bring extra rare sanity to both reggae and hip hop. The end track “Sorry Mama” takes us home to when the street has brought a bereaved mum another son’s death news and the block is sympathizing with her.

“Wild Thoughts” is selling in the stores. Below are the direct links for listening and purchasing.