Cruked Route Promises The Release Of “Awake”, This 20th


AUTHOR: Regula Rebel

Conscious hip hop-reggae head Cruked Route has readied up his first ever single of the year for release this 20th. The single “Awake” which is a loud call to conditioned sleeping minds to shake out of the long slumber they are stuck in and start thinking the very needed awareness thoughts that brings to self the realization that fuels the spirit’s hunger  for enlightenment.

In “Awake”, Cruked Route raps his angry heart out about the political and religious conspiracies that have for centuries suppressed the natural basic mental freedom rights humanity needs to free itself from this conditioner system.

“Awake” is not just a mere strong anti-matrix reggae-rap song, but also a timeless powerful revolution piece capable of sparking serious thoughts of mental emancipation; its fiery content is set to wake up the masses.

“Awake”‘s ever-commanding chorus runs on these powerful lines:
“Daily this consciousness alarm been bleeping

Still the minds of the masses keep sleeping

Message to the victims of mind control slumber
Awake now! Awake now! Awake now! Awake!

Here’s Cruked, a rebel message bird tweeting

Listen to the forbidden truths that I’m speaking

Too heavy on my tongue but my lips won’t lumber
Awake now! Awake now! Awake now! Awake!”.

Lastly, Cruked Route wouldn’t end his loud wake-up call without this four-line final caution:
“When great intuition speaks, listen

Else your dying souls will never quicken

The flesh can’t cheat laws of nature

Enter higher realms with  spiritual stature.”
Cruked Route’s “Awake” is a hot marriage of a pure reggae riddim and real good rap, a hip hop-reggae having a taste of multi-genre novelty.

Published on 13th January, 2017.


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