[Dancehall News]: Blaqka Releases Hot SINGLE Off Brainy Beatz’s Attitude Riddim Project, This FRIDAY


Written By: Regula Rebel

INSIDE Ghana Entertainment
Next to be released off the over ten track Brainy Beatz Attitude Riddim project is
“Jeee Gidi Gidi Nii”, a so hot positive dancehall piece performed by Blaqka.

“Jeee Gidi Gidi Nii” is a Ga language phrase which translates in English as “Not A Rush”.  The phrase found its way into Blaqka’s song at the time of his improvising with the Attitude Riddim while he was contemplating around a concept that aligns with his unwavering belief in divine timing — that no matter how hard life gets, his success will surely come; there’s no need rushing his way up.


As a hustler’s daily anthem, Blaqka’s “Jeee Gidi Gidi Nii” plays on as an instant fortifying motivational piece that toughens up the listener’s poise against whatever discouraging life circumstance. While ugly circumstances force you to think your far too distant success is still a long time coming, “Jeee Gidi Gidi Nii” says trust in the mystic power of divine timing and never rush a thing.

“Jeee Gidi Gidi Nii” will be released on multiple blogs right this Friday, 2nd April. Song was produced by Brainy Beatz.

Published 25th March, 2018.


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