DJ More Life, 16 Others Give “Gbaaga” Remix A Captivating Polyglot Flair 


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WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel
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More like listening to different renditions of the same story, the “Gbaaga” remix makes its listening an amazing moment — having over ten languages tracked on it.

DJ More Life, the original artiste of the “Gbaaga” song, probably wanted to add a beautiful Linguistic flair to the remix version when he thought of opening the song to other artistes. With 17 other artistes on the remix, “Gbaaga” becomes a golden string with a dozen knots.

Check out the tracklist below:

1.Dj Morelife (Gonja)
2.Eben Nino (English &Twi)
3.T.I.P. (Gonja)
4.Big Bro (Twi English )
5.Issues GH (Gonja & Pigen )
6.Kawute Sojah (Patois)
7.Equation (Housa)
8.Password (Dagaari)
9.Daanga (Gonja & English )
10.G_Kliff (Grushi &Dagbani )
11.Kin Zaber (IBO & English )
12.Naadi (English )
13.Champion GH (Vagla)
14 .Sly Twisted (Choribaa)
15 .Bizzy Empire (Yoruba English )
16.Wan Toff GH (English & Housa )
17.Jahrule (Gonja &Patois)

In the Gonja language “Gbaaga” means “Head Carrier”. This is a gladiatorial reference to the victor warrior brandishing his dead victim’s head in a grand victory celebration style.