DJ Titanium Drops “It Will Be Over” This Friday, 15 Hours GMT


Written By: Regula Rebel
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Until you take a sneak peep down his Titanium Booth collection or he shows you the tall list of songs he’s packed up for the year, you have no idea the many new soul-touching songs DJ Titanium has gotten ready for his next releases.

Barely a month ago, Titanium released “Had I Known” from his Chinese studio, a song his key home fans back in Ghana warmly embraced and sent him loads of congratulations for his competitive creativity and laudable music production genius. But the newly released “Had I Known” won’t enjoy the warm fan embrace to the end tip as a lone track, Titanium is coupling it up fast with “It Will Be Over” to make a heavy complimented pleasure impact out there to quick-toughen the international admiration he has surprisingly gained in a short space of time.

The now coming in track, “It Will Be Over”, is like a  Christly mockery at life’s most stubborn storm. It’s the hopeful warrior’s constant reminder validating the Biblical mantra that says “With Christ in the vessel I smile at the storm.” Better still, the mass belief that troubles aren’t permanent.

“It Will Be Over” will be released this Friday at 15 hours GMT.

DJ Titanium is a China-based Ghanaian songster. He majors in urban contemporary gospel but he experimentally dares to import into his musical materials other brand-relevant cross-genre elements that bridge up the street and the church to make  his musical message universally attractive and acceptable.

Published 17th July, 2018.


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