EVIDENCE That Shatta Rako Released FlashDrive Album Earlier Before Shatta Wale Did


Written By: Regula Rebel

It hit my mind to write this clearance article minutes after I had a slightly HOT! argument with an artiste friend who argued that Shatta Wale was the first artiste to have introduced the flashdrive album package to Ghanaians. I knew my friend wasn’t alone, there are a lot of guys out there who share his ignorance. Truth is: It was Shatta Rako who introduced the innovation to Ghana, Shatta Wale is rather a follow-up.


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To clear off the false-crediting out there in the street that Wale was the first to bring the innovation to Ghana, let me cast your mind back to Shatta Rako’s “Preface” album and even share with you photos of the album’s basic package [a flashdrive].  Seeing the photo evidence is duly informing, as that makes you accept the truth that Wale’s “Reign” is not the pioneer but Rako”s “Preface” rather is.

Below: PHOTOS of Shatta Rako’s “Preface” album

On 12th October [just a day away to the Reign album launch] @SarkoholicsGH shot out a hot proof tweet to shut down the mouths shouting credit to Shatta Wale for being the first to release a flashdrive package album  in Ghana. @SarkoholicsGH credited that Shatta Rako introduced the innovation to Sarkodie’s team way back in 2012. We are in 2018 now, this tells you that Rako had the innovation 6 years ago.

Below: a SCREENSHOT of the tweet by @SarkoholicsGH, Sarkodie’s official fanbase.

After Shatta Rako proposed the innovation to Sarkodie’s team, the team didn’t execute it. The reason inferred could be that SarkCess Music wasn’t just prepared to switch to the innovation or they found it costly. They still kept Sark’s “Sarkology” album to CD publication.

Below: a preview of the design Shatta Rako created for Sarkodie’s “Sarkology” album.

It’s good news that Shatta Wale has followed the innovation. It will be pretty good news if other artistes stay in this stream.

Below: PHOTOS of Shatta Wale’s “Reign” album

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