Faffa Rushes Back To The Studio To Cook “Mawuga”, A Sequel To Her Well-Received “Kpegbadza”


WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel

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It’s not necessarily a rush —  contrary to the heading calling it so, but it’s rather an apt reaction to inner compulsion or combustion if Faffa has gone back to the mic to voice “Mawuga”, an immediate sequel to Kpegbadza, her month-old release.

Contemplating on the back-bench psyche that motivated the lyrical themes of ” Kpegbadza” and “Mawuga”, it’s clear Faffa’s present mind is psychologically on a fast refuge anthem trip and she is surviving unfavourable battle glimpses, as the two songs corelate very much in soul-safety terms. Probably, she’s subconsciously sharing her victory testimonies.

While “Kpegbadza” exalts God for His solid rock nature as a sure refuge end, “Mawuga” takes to testifying to God’s Mighty God status in battle times when those He sides with never see defeat. Both songs talking about higher spiritual security for the God-saved make a stronger meaningful sequence.

“Mawuga” is a bumping dancehall piece with beat elements that command happy victory dance moves, making it an anti-defeat anthem. Prior to its release, its audio snippet will go thru a 7 day countdown tease treat on all Faffa media handles to build ample fan anticipation, just so it gets a mass welcome just when it drops. And yes,  it’s a big definite that Faffa will shoot a video for it like she did for “Kpegbadza”.


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Published: 2nd March, 2019.