Faffa Wins “Best Hip Hop Song Of The Year” Plaque At National Gospel Music Awards 2017


AUTHOR : Regula Rebel

Inside Urban Contemporary Gospel, Ghana: The maiden edition of the National Gospel Music Awards which was held in Kumasi December 17 pitched a golden milestone in Faffa Music’s history when Faffa’s big jam “Make Me Wanna” was adjudged the winning entry in its category.

Checking it deeply, it’s so clear Faffa wove “Make Me Wanna” with a party psychology in mind, working so smart on the production structure of the song by giving it a truly sweet taste and a mild rough texture. The ever compelling vibes she stuffed into the fabrics of the song send out a pleasing hot wave which when it hits your senses there’s no denying “Make Me Wanna” an instant jig. Besides, its easy-to-sing-along chorus lines are appealing to all ages.

“Make Me Wanna” was produced by Jay Mera, also he’s the guest rapper on the song. Jay is a renowned drummer with thriller magic at the sticks. Song was recorded at Groove House Studio by Francis Osei.

Sneaking fast into Faffa’s recent record log to scout out for a song that shares a core winning similarity with “Make Me Wanna”, “Ewo Koe Nye Mawu” pops up as a very strong sequel to “Make Me Wanna”, making it also a sure winning entry in any category it may finds itself for an award. It wouldn’t be a surprise if “Ewo Koe Nye Mawu” brings home multiple awards next year.

Faffa indeed is an ever challenging urban contemporary brand to contend with. She is full of novelty and shows great versatility, aside her unfailing effective on-stage communication skills.
Check the below links out for “Make Me Wanna” and “Ewo Ko Nye Mawu”. Enjoy.
FAFFA – Make Me Wanna [Official Music Video]


FAFFA – Ewo Koe Nye Mawu



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