Faffa’s “Purpose Song” Plucks Down Two Plaques At National Gospel Music Awards “18


WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel

For the still jubilating Faffa, her “Purpose Song” served its originally intended further-on purpose at the National Gospel Music Awards “18, making a twin-win impact off the single-win impact “Make Me Wanna” dug at the same awards scheme’s night last year. Right from the time of writing, Faffa was strongly optimistic that “Purpose Song” would be an award-winning single so she injected a lot of hard push into the single’s promo to make its envisioned winning power highly undeniable.

It was a happy moment of a realised vision at the NGMA last Saturday night when “Purpose Song” won the “Best Corporate Gospel Song” and “Best Gospel Video” of the year awards.

Faffa had 5 nominations at this year’s NGMA, she was listed for Best Gospel Video, Corporate Song of the year, Best Reggae Video, Best Hiphop Song and Songwriter.