Faffa’s “Purpose Song” Video Hits Multiple Screens After Double Premiere on GHOne and Homebase TV


Written By: Regula Rebel [+233 244 859 286]

Link to VIDEO: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0PlEBdkA-TE

Rated by many urban contemporary gospel followers as an up-energy thriller performer, Faffa hardly does an “Oh no”,  just so to constantly keep her rate points on the ascending.  Talk of promo videos, she shows off a wow that hits her viewers’ eyes with a recurring nostalgia that keeps them returning to their play button for a repeat watch.

The release of her latest video, “Purpose Song” can be tagged as Extremely Excavating — even in just two days of promo period, it has somehow dug further her already admirable brand, giving her an extra depth that beats video publicity complexities.

The first day key premiere of “Purpose Song” was powered yesterday on GHOne and the second day showing was done today on Homebase TV. The numerous positive fan comments flooding Faffa’s social media message inboxes make a bundle of motivating remarks that shows the “Purpose Song” video has been well received.

Next after GHOne and Homebase TV is a list of over 20 TV stations (including foreign channels) that picked the video link off YouTube and contacted Faffa on facebook to commend her for a good shot done.

Published on 10th July, 2018.


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