Financial Constraint Crippled Praye’s ComeBack, Choirmaster Laments


Choirmaster, in his Facebook post explaining why Praye couldn’t sustain its comeback when the trio released a return single, had this to say:

Choirmaster Honeho of Praye fame angrily explain how music groups splits up.

Dear music lovers of Ghana Let me tell you about the reason why groups split or breakup and its far from #Ego!!! Look We all witnessed how the whole Ghana rallied behind praye to reunite and after the unity we thought we will get the support as perceived. A group that splitted for more than five years and is cash trapped, how do we fund our new project? So we decided to plan and embark on a come back tour to raise funds for the project, Remember things have changed in the game so therefore as a legendary group we need to step up, trust me of late if you wanna get a very good standard video your budget should be more than 8000Ghc and above, not to talk about the greasing of palms”payola” to push the track both on radio and on the street so u Defnitly need some funds to run it.

Now all the proposals and arrangements have been made by managers so the next step is to go look for sponsorship and support and that be where the WAHALA!!! Dey!!