Full Run Info About Konkarah Jahvybz’ Righteous Soldier Album, November Release


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The massive fan clamour for a next Konkarah album after the previous generated a strong addiction to the Ras’s songs and he had no excuse to leave a long release gap than just drop another fast than much later. Now, Konkarah is 90% ready with the next album. It is dubbed “Righteous Soldier”, November Release

Konkarah JahVybz’ s “Righteous Soldier ” is a 16 official track album with two bonus bottom tracks. It comes out as a year old follow-up to his “Rise From The Slum” album.

“Righteous Soldier” is scheduled for a November date release.

Zapp Mallet, Brainy Beatz, Crownzy Beatz, CaskeysOnIt, IbeeOnTheBeatz, Wenzy, Oga Chux, Nature Beatz, Rebel Liberation, Coconut Juice Production, LoGun Production make the list of producers that worked on the album.

The Guest appearances are Samini, Ras Kuuku, JahWyz and Bony OneMan.

Currently, one single (Africa Unite) has been released off the album. It followed up the video release of Pretty Black Woman, also a single on the album tracklist.

According to Konkarah, the album is a strict reggae album.