Gabi DeFeel Announces The Release Of New Single “Kpokpomo”, 2pm TODAY


Written By: Regula Rebel

Inside Entertainment GHANA

Ghanaian multi-genre songstress, Gabi DeFeel, finally announces the release of her new hot single “Kpokpomo”, she specified the release time is 2pm and the single will be stormed on multiple blogs for her starved fans to feed off the fresh warm vibes she has packed in the song.

“Kpokpomo” is a Ga word which simply translates in English as “dance”. The song was built on a very hot beat, a fast tempo piece that has the steam to warm up even the worse of cold feet and pull them to the dancefloor. You can’t deny “Kpokpomo” an instant dance move or a nod.

In “Kpokpomo”, Gabi validates one’s freedom of will and urges everyone to muster confidence in their various endeavours without fear of public judgement, shyness, or peer discouragement.. This makes “Kpokpomo” not a mere dance tune, but one that carries an extremely strong motivation message to boosts one’s self-esteem by gingering them to spark up their innate courage to be to express their feelings freely.

Sort of a gym anthem or, “Kpokpomo” is an ideal play during vigorous aerobics, gymnastics, military drill, physical activities and for crazy parties.


Published 12th March, 2018


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