Girl Gets Loyalty Tatto of Shatta Wale’s “The Reign Album” Icon On Her Left BREAST, Crazy SM Buzz


Written By: Regula Rebel
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Day one Shatta Wale hinted fans about the launch of his upcoming album [“The Reign”] and posted the album art cover on his ever busy social media timelines, a lot of daily crazy fan loyalty buzz has been circulating, but the long impatient wait got even more intense last Wednesday when Mharme Adhwoa Icey broke Facebook with a surprise photo post of her juicy left boob showing Shatta Wale’s “The Reign” album icon tattooed barely an inch above the nipple. It was really a big midweek buzz for the Shatta Movement fans.


Icey was showered with lots of head-pampering congratulatory compliments from her friends and many Shatta Movement fans. Shatta Wale topped the compliments with a very powerful one that says “Reign in your world”.

Records prove that Icey’s is not the first ever fan loyalty tattoo Shatta Wale has had. Other equally crazy loyal Shatta Movement fans have had something Shatta Wale tattooed on their body several times over the years before hers broke out, but hers being a boob tats tops the list with its seduction effect.

Icey’s Boob Tats Grid

The Reign Album icon is doing serious viral magic on social media, especially on facebook. Over a thousand Shatta Movement fans are using it as their profile picture. This mass drive seen as a huge lucrative marketing opportunity, Shatta can make phenomenal profits releasing various “The Reign” merchandise or souvenirs into the market, even weeks before the album launch.

Shatta Wale has successfully built for his rough-grade brand a massive street credo within a few years of real hardwork and the hip his crazy die-hard fans add to the Ghanaian dancehall game is an enviable niceness that every top dancehall artiste anywhere in the world consistently needs to stay highly motivated the entire prime he aims to uphold the coarse elements of the genre. To be a real top dancehall artiste and be able to boast of it is a real big deal, it takes a genuinely crazy die-hard fan base to like the Shatta Movement to help you get a wild brand pride.

                                                      Mharme Adhwoa Icey

The Reign album is slated for release on 13th October.

Published on: 1st September, 2018.



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