Here is Zack: The CEO of Zack Entertainment And The Surviving Manager To The Late Anokye Supremo


WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel
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Up in this lead shot is Zack [full name: Isaac Kobina Zakariah], the CEO of Zack Entertainment. As a young CEO naturally characterized with a compelling entrepreneurial zeal and a strong passion for a people management, Zack wouldn’t just settle with a single stream venture —  he diversifies into multiple ventures, a massively youth-oriented one being the development and management of budding talents.

A hardworking graduate of the University of South Africa with an easy access to several real world opportunities in the capital Johanessbourg, but the ever-wanting-to-assist-home-folks Zack harbours this hardcore nostalgia that has got him shuttling his home country Ghana and Mandela’s South for business commitments.

Zack’s potentially highly competitive Zack Entertainment would in a short space of time grow into a legendary giant record label in Ghana’s music market book if it still had Anokye Supremo [the label’s prime artiste], but the artiste passed away just last month, leaving a heavy single-head repertoire of possible timeless hit tracks. Saved by the surviving label mates who are equally good as him, Anokye Supremo’s glory is more like already  immortalized — hence it’s a won bet that Zack Entertainment will soon be ranked among Ghana’s top 10 successful record labels.

KynCiti, Lokal and Ras Gogor proved their juicy commercial worth with the excellent lyricism and attractive  delivery they on “Owuo Aye Me de”, the joint-dirge the trio did for their late mate Anokye in his loving memory.

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Considering the huge performance earnings that Anokye Supremo would have fetched for the label through consistent concert appearances with his Daddy Lumba brand resemblance, one may be forced to say Zack Entertainment’s market prospects have been left lean by his passing, but KinCity’s and his brothers’ good talents can do the saving to uplift the label to an intimidating height taht will command much respect from giant rival labels.

Zack and his team gurus are currently busied with burial plans. He is sure to commence massive promo for his boys after the funeral storms are gone and his mind is calm.

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…. Published on 22 February, 2019.