[- i360 X-Write -]:- Faffa, An Ever-Amazing Urban Contemporary Gospel Find


[ i360 X-Series ]:- Faffa, An Ever-Amazing Urban Contemporary Gospel Find

Written By: Regula Rebel
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Well, you didn’t bury your curious head that deep into the grand record of Ghanaian urban contemporary gospel giants league if your digging sight didn’t hit the FAFFA depth during your supposed due read. You only made a fast lazy read instead of delving further diligently, this a solid observer conclusion you can’t argue against even a little.

….but who is this FAFFA you ask now!? Better then, she’s the man among the female colleagues in the league, put simply. The man label is just so even more as Faffa’s cross-gender intimidating tri-combo of her good work quality, strong brand and high competitive status defiles the good old masculine advantage that weakens many talented females artistes in the music arena when it gets to serious business.

With repeat-play-inducing songs like “Ewo Koe Nye Mawu”, “Handle Anything”, “Make Me Wanna”, “Mevalo”, “I’m Not Afraid”, “Nobody  But You”, “Purpose Song” and the others on the wonder list, you can’t get enough of FAFFA. You’ll always yearn for more of her. Not just that, watching her perform on stage any time or every time triggers an extra crazy yearning that gets you back to her songs for your still listen or commute.

In December 2017 FAFFA picked the “Best Hip Hop Gospel Song of the Year” award at the National Gospel Music Awards with “Make Me Wanna”. She made a double win on her return nomination appearance in December last year at the same award scheme’s night by picking the the “Best Corporate Gospel Song” and “Best Gospel Video” plaques with her “Purpose Song”, off 5 nominations.

From a bit close to mid 2017 FAFFA rolled out her “Say Yes To Life” concert tour series making a maiden stop Accra Academy, Central University, Sogasco. She made subsequent tour stops through other senior high schools which includes Adisadel.

Presently at this writing, FAFFA is in Zambia to perform at a musical concert funded by a high profile group of the country’s top-notch private business magnates and  government dignitaries. This is her second concert visit to Zambia.

Down into her discography, FAFFA has two albums: [Father’s House, 2011 And Nobody But You, 2013] She’s working on her third which maybe a EP or a standard album.

At a fan’s first-time-ever listen to FAFFA during that discovery day, her songs are most likely to push them to say she’s an amazing find.

YouTube Video Links:
FAFFA – Purpose Song [Official Music Video]

FAFFA – Make Me Wanna [Official Music Video]

FAFFA – Ewo Koe Nye Mawu  [Official Music Video]

FAFFA – You Are [Official Music Video]

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