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It’s no surprise that every active music partisan’s list of favorite female DJs is always a very short one, while turntablism remains a male-supreme enterprise — but if they’ve ever had EmsiFlybokoe treat them to her master-flow playlist couple of times or even just once, it’s a sure bet she won’t miss their short list any day. Relatively, the male total reigns high in the dj business, but EmsiFlybokoe’s top pro skills and super selection genius defeats the gender disadvantage, making her a strong competitive equal within the league of DJs she is in in Amsterdam and even elsewhere, with her universal brand qualities.

n the usual, most young DJs state in their auto profiles that they got inspired into the game by watching an established senior play infectious at a session. Same testimony holds EmsiFlyBokoe’s biograpghy. In EmsiFlybokoe’s unique case, she had then veered out of the music scene after being active in it for some time with rap, but watching her colleague and studio manager djing during sessions with his infectious energy and great passion she got enticed to bounce back into the music scene — but this time as a DJ, not as a returning rapper.

“Watching the seasoned DJ play just triggered me to make an immediate step-back into showbiz, so I started taking disc jocking lessons with DJ Abstract and then started doing sessions on the radio. Over time, I got noticed and started playing house parties and mini events. After that I just kept on going till this point of playing in the big clubs, abroad and at festivals I couldn’t ever imagine about” — EmsiFlybekoe reveals.

The EmsiFlybekoe brand is conferred a universal class badge, off her heavy selection catalogue that spans all genres, as she possesses a master-play ability over entertainment music. She Plays public favorites and also treats her audience to good introductions (be it new releases or less-promoted previously released tracks that are worth their knowing).

As to what keeps Fly motivated in the business, she said it is the constant exposure to new lessons which brings her refreshing experiences and career growth. More to that are venue vibrancy, crowd interest, the music, traveling and everything that comes with the job. She continued to reveal that she is endowed with a diligent team that helps her go beyond limits. With that solid professional support from116dj and T.E.M. Agency which handles bookings for Fly, she’s been able to cross over the Netherlands to play paid foreign gigs in both neighbouring and remote coutries.

EmsiFlybekoe plays a major role in the promotion of African music in Amsterdam, she’s been pushing AfroBeats artistes and other Afro sub-genres on the regular in the clubs, on radio and at outdoor events to get her fellow Africans heard and admired by the multi-national audience she plays for. When she gets hold of new releases, she sends copies to her active colleague DJs to also play them at their gigs to help spread the vibes.

As is the case with most famous DJs, a lot of artistes are personally connected to Fly and the correspondence between the two is almost a daily constant, as new artistes keep joining the long list by the day via direct search on social media, friendship opportunity, or referral by industry players. Several artistes keep flooding Fly’s email with their new songs each day but she mostly download them on Sundays, take a listen and then send the artistes her expert remarks or demanded feedback. After, she schedules them in her future playlists for both play and promo.

In the Netherlands, EmisFlybekoe and her team have helped a lot of artistes in promo to give them massive exposure. Some of the promo beneficiaries on her Netherlands list include Amartey, K-Lito, Laud Shaba and Talvin — just to name a few. To solidify efforts to widen support for Afro music, Fly and Logik from Akwaaba Germany have started up a platform called AfroPean Base to push Europe-based artistes who are of African nationality. Being of equal service to all, Fly pushes non-African artistes too, having a zero tolerance for artiste nationality discrimination.

As a single DJ head, EmsiFlybekoe does not organize entertainment events, she rather works with teams of which she is mostly either an official DJ or as a media/promotion partner from Hi Radio. She has been working with the Akwaaba Group, GoldCoast Events, Foks Entertainment, AfroTwistNL, Jollove Events, FroLuv and other different entertainment organizations in Europe and Africa.

On her recent birthday celebration, Fly released “Today Be Today” a DJ-Artiste single project with Epixode, a dancehall artiste in Ghana. The widely-promoted single was produced by ParisBeatz. It is the first release off Fly’s many DJ-led project singles.


The 25 year old EmsiFlyBokoe isn’t just singular to DJ’ing, she also doubles in showbiz as a co-founder of Hi Radio in Amsterdam. She co-manages the station with John Royals. From inception to a year and some months ago Fly was running “Hour of the DJ” on Hi Radio, but she is now on the fore administrative row taking care of Hi’s business affairs and top docs.

Next to come out of EmsiFlybekoe’s pipeline are prolific mixtape series, Youtube Vlogging of her gigs, more DJ-led singles project with African artistes, activities to push the AfroPean platform, and her own merchs line which she will roll-out soon off a duo-workmanship by Redtag Designs and Dangles Graphics.

Facebook: @DJemsiflybokoe
Instagram: www.instagram.com/emsiflybokoe
Twitter: www.twitter.com/emsiflybokoe 
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/emily-osei-boateng
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-GuuprmWw3rqZEXs9NVSKQ


Published on 14th February, 2019