Ikie Stylish Returns To Bad Bars To Dirty-Up The Next Cypher Episode


WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel
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Off the praise remarks for his strong performance on Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #1, Ikie Stylish has been called back to repeat or (better still) duoble down his grand badness on the cypher project’s next episode.

When Ikie honoured our call-back and confirmed his return, we got highly hopeful that Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #2 would also be fortified with a solid badness lyrical build that would cause the project’s fans to crave more Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher episodes……as Ikie wove his previous Bad Bars verse with lifestyle-relative lyrics that satisfy street-ghetto demands and we trust that he can repeat such satisfaction on this episode. Regula Rebel reveals.

Ikie Stylish is artistically a venomous rough-neck dancehall character. He is full of poisonous lyrics, his hardcore badman nature comes with a painful sting. Giving him a badness role is not stress to him, as that is his soft forte.

On Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #2, Ikie Stylish is in the set with Paul Stifler, ML Vybz, J Willies, Konkarah, Masaany and MadRas.

Bobby Gentle produced the Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher # riddim.

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… PUBLISHED on 26th October, 2019.