J Willies Drops A Zero Evidence Crime Verse On Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #2, Becomes The Episode’s Opener


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To drop a top crime set lyrics on a Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher riddim, the artiste has to be deeply versed in pure dutty badness and have a smart brain that easily creates mental dramatizations that leaves a big trouble on the intelligence cult, but even while upcomer J Willies hasn’t yet developed tough ribs as a young dancehall artiste, he still could drill down a serious gangster badness verse into the Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #2 riddim.

J Willies’ competitive brave performance at Bad Bars is evidence he’s got some rough clash instincts and he surely can serve his beef opponents a more disturbing gory dish if they’ve not mastered the ugly basics of the danchall genre well.

Considered so impressive, J Willies’s verse will be positioned first on the pre-rec cypher as the opening bit. He serves as the bad usher leading your itching ears into the irresistible follow-up passa-passa vibes Kurtis Yardie and the other 6 sick heads have in the sequence. You’d like your ears scratched back again and again, listening to what J Willies and co did on the Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #2 riddim if you truly feed on dancehall mercilessness for your rare wild.

It’s an 8 member crime set, beating the project’s usual 7 seal: J Willies did the nasty damage with Paul Stifler, ML Vybz, Aligata, Konkarah, Kurtis Yardie, MadRas and Ikie Stylish.

Bobby Gentle, the producer of the project, is at a busy M&M mode now. He’s tasked to render the track street fit, giving it a youthy-tasty musical lifestyle finish that pleases the young generation surfing hard on contemporary dancehall waves.

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…Published on 3rd November, 2019.