Jefri King To Sting At Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #3 With Grand Venoms


WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel
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i360 Entertainment’s last week announcement that Jefri King will be on Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #3 was a happy revelation for both Bad Bars cyphers followers and Jefri’s keen fan , as they are equally of the high expectation that he will slay badness-concept cypher with a grand lyrical arsenal.

Jefri, who is noted for his masked face brand, is indisputably one of Ghana’s tough next generation dancehall artistes. He is a top notorious just freestyle machine, making him a scary beef candidate.

Right on Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #3, Jefri King is co-voicing alongside Sean Taylor, Alkaboss, Rwoan, Ligal, Rowan, and Selah Bermah.

i360 Entertainment’s Bad Bars is a quad-genre cypher project which strictly spans Hip Hop, Dancehall, Reagge and AfroBeats.

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