Kojo Bars Accepts The Lead Spot To Open Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #1 In Grand Confidence


Written By: Regula Rebel
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[In reference to Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #1] — Prior to picking the final seven to rack the cypher, it was already a firm team insistence that the artiste that takes the lead spot to open the jam to be one of a wild military physique and the delivery ability to lace up the riddim with a verse that has a strong ghetto passa passa appeal — and the team got lucky having position-deserving Kojo Bars in the artiste set to work the insistence.

Kojo Bars fits the lead spot criteria full hundred, with his tall height, red-lit eyes and serious lyrical badness. When Kojo’s fury button is switched on, he goes angry-jam on riddims and the situation is a total musical massacre [in relative description].

When the i360 Entertainment project team informed Kojo Bars that he would start the cypher, he confidently accepted the lead position and assured them that he is ready to deliver his best wherever his turn is positioned on the cypher.

The i360 Entertainment Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #1 is strung up with Kojo Bars, Benny Cyprus, MadRas, Shella, Ikie Stylish, Trigazy and Kelly T. Each is riding a one minute thirty seconds verse.

Recording starts after next midweek.

This and all other Bad Bars cypher series episodes will be published on i360entertainment.com (the prime blog for the project) and also on affiliated blogs.