Konana And Ras Kuuku Hook Up On “Plan” To Give PUOM and BadJam Fans A Big Bad Jam


Written By: Regula Rebel
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Konana and Ras Kuuku meeting in the studio for a cool chit-chat wouldn’t be a mere meeting of two music camp bosses, a feature track would definitely be born out of the two’s vibes and that’s exactly what happened off their virtual chat some weeks days ago.

After a good vibes build during the chat, the collaboration arrow pointed to Konana’s side and a joint discussion about the lyrical concept for “Plan” begun. “Plan” would be a song that talks about.

Without a dull novice’s kinda long delay, “Plan” has had its technical finish worn on its cap, it’s ready for release right now but Konana has specially scheduled it for a birthday release on 5th June to celebrate his life, talent and dream success.

Ras Kuuku’s PUOM fans and Konana’s BadJam fans really have a big bad jam to dance to.