Lyoni Jones Releases Maiden World Music Track On Birthday, Next MONTH


Claiming on all interviews that she’s a world music artiste too and not just a reggae songstress but haven’t given the fans a world music release yet has got some impatient fans asking her about her world music release dates — but Lyoni Jones had already wanted to release her “Rise Africa” after “Savage Heart” and “Deeply In Love”.

“Rise Africa” is a world music track Lyoni made to spark a wild responsibility among Africans across the continent. The song is a loud wake-up call — it’s very serious content piercingly prompts African leaders to take responsibility towards the restoration of their countries primarily and the protection of the continent in general.

Last Friday (21st September), Lyoni performed “Rise Africa” at the Pan-Nkrumaist Convention which was held on the Bungalow 1 park on the University of Ghana campus. The event was out up to celebrate Kwame Nkrumah’s birthday and it had dignitaries from Ghana, other other African countries and the diaspora. It was organized by CNNA (Concerned Nkrumaists of North America).

Lyoni Jones will release “Rise Africa” on 1st October, which is her birthday to personally celebrate life, talent and success, and generally to remind Africans home and abroad that the continent needs saving now in all aspects of life: from economic liberation to zero imperialist dictates.

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