Yeahhh, its Cruked Route!
Breakloose! Hahah Yo!Chorus
Naan33 mic hiende
Ni cash hiende
Keys hiende
Nwala b3 ode
Ootaw) mi ogbe
Nfee bo sete
Ndr) hiende
I still made iit

Roof over my head
Clothes pon my back
Food inna my plate
Ooh I’m so blessed
So I’m singing praises for the life I’m living
My money pile up straight up to the ceiling

Verse 1
They can never stop me, them still dey try
Set traps for my foot, I mount up wings and fly
Give them a surprise,while they criticize
Every move that I make
Counting every step that I take
How much pain can I take
How many rules can I break
To communicate with those who can relate
I don’t follow trends, I jus operate
In this this realm with different set of rules
And my X-caliber tools, diffuse every time bomb
They so f*%ken dumb
So I showed them a smile and they think I’m weak
Just a day in my shoes and a ni&&a can’t breathe
Feeling constipated by the heat that I bring
(This Sizzla vibes affi fling)2X
Oohh they can never put a good man down
#Rah rah rah rah!!!

Chorus Repeat

Verse 2
So I light up the herb ni nthird eye gbele
Idey see things wey many no dey see
Wey idey hear things wey many no dey hear
I’m weird, I speak the words and believe it and so be it
K3 jen na am3 w)))
Mihu nw)))
Light up the place and kill a vampire
To all them ghetto youths live up and stay strong
When life knock yu down, get up and move on
K3 jen na am3 w)))
Mihu nw)))
Ay3 nkp3 pl3mpl3m
Minshá am3 s)n
Nuumo m)b)bi pon that flute again?!
Its 2 a.m and I’m writing a new song
To all them thick heads who failed the hip hop exam
I’m here to cut y’all dicks like wanzam
Anytime I swing by like Tarzan
I see yu run
Yu can never hide from my plan

Chorus Repeat


Hahahh!!! Yeahhh, hey yo! Regula Rebel I see yuh
Big up yuhself!!


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