GENRE: Rap Reggae


[Open Lines]
Let’s take a chance…
Uh hmm…..
Cruked Route, it’s an Up Run Out

It’s all good, it’s all good
Run away
Let’s take a chance

The long fall from GLORY changed everything man’s STORY
Fall stories of Earth gods who’ve lost their bright GLORY
Imagine a dead light struggling to shine again in the DARK
Weary blind travellers with heavy burdens on their BACK

Ugly realities of a king enslaved and made a PAWN
Prisoners craving a liberation that may never DAWN
Worse scenarios of you humans, beings of a broken COMMUNION
A sorry Earth royalty living robbed of original DOMINION

It’s an illusion to believe that this world is still a PARADISE
Life on Earth is death, but it takes the enlightened to REALISE
Your paradise is stained with hate, filth, wars, pain, terror and GREED
Equals pin down their grey halves like they budded out off an odd BREED
Only the elites relish the BLUE SIDE
Let’s slip you out this knot, before it’s TOO TIGHT

It’s all good, it’s all good
Run away
Let’s take a chance


Found playing lose on the slippery edge of a death PIT
It’s stark dark deep down, the bottom is not LIT
Careful you don’t lose your grip, I see a trick TRIP
Many that had a slip, got their blood DRIPPED

These trap strings round the pit take a prey DOWNSTAIRS
The victims they fast down become a meal for the MONSTERS
Down there lives a THREAT that stalks after human BREATH
Swallowed into the belly of demons, a rush at your FLESH
That you can’t find a spot where a soul feels at PEACE
‘Cause the bits that spark chaos still feeds the BEASTS

Can you wipe out these enemies with fire and FLOOD?
When they out wild craving fresh flesh and BLOOD?
Your answer is a NO!, you need safe SHELTERS
Come on up, here: our mission space SHUTTLES
We’re saving the weak from forces that are STRONG
Just hold my hand, that’s how everybody comes ALONG

It’s all good, it’s all good
Run away
Let’s take a chance


You’re of higher frequency tribes subdued into a low VIBRATION
Supernatural and you got astral guts to make an escape MIGRATION
A back trip up to origin where pure souls dine with SAINTS
I’m guiding you back to immortality now, let’s fly away before your spirit FAINTS

Feels so good!
Run away
Let’s take a chance

Ah ahh ….
An *Up Run Out* from the long fall to rise back into your DIVINE
Is an *Up Run Out* from the mold that holds you in mortal DESIGN
Make an *Up Run Out* from the deep, journey fast back the High
Yeah, an *Up Run Out* from Hades, the great destruction is NIGH