[Mystic Roots Riddim Song LYRICS]:- IWAN – False Prophets

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Iwan – False Prophets (Mystic Roots Ridddim) Lyrics
Selassie .. Inna di Mystics (Hahaa)
Irie Itess .. Gideon . Hear me Now
False Prophets
The people money fill up dem pockets
False Prophets
Trick people to fill up dem Pockets
Verse 1
You got to watch Out fi dem
Nuff a Wolve inna Sheep Clothing
A we inna Di Last days
And Dem a Di real Problem
Dem a sell the word of God ..
To Di People in Di house of Di lord
Take Out the little from poor
Fake Scribes and Pharisee dem stray from Di Law
Life We Say But Dem Prophesy Death
Dem a Phophets of Doom
Dem know Di Real Truth
And Dem Hide Out Di Truth
Never wan Di People find out Di Truth
Take Out di Veil from Eyes
And den start to Realise
Trick dem A Trick God People
Youth you better be wise
Chorus 2x
Verse 2
But Woe to You, Scribes and Pharisees
You Shut Di Gates Of Heaven
And You Never Prepare to Go In
Nor Make Di People Go In
A wha do dem
You Say do this and do that
But u never do this and do that
See say U Love Nuff Praises
But Never Practice what u Preach
Before Lead dem , U a fi bi Servant
But nuffa dem jus only want to be served
Ride innna BenZe and Escalade
And Di Collection payer dem a walk to Church
Take out di Veil from your eyes
And Realise .. A Trick dem a Trick
Selassie I.. Guude I n I..
A di Gideon.. (rrrrr) Black Man wise ..
Fade ..