MadOut Muzik Storms The Dancehall Release List With 12 Head Debut Cypher


INSIDE Entertainment Ghana
Coming out as a storm-filled release to cause a huge buzz within the dancehall news circle, MadOut Muzik’s “Money Moves cypher” will get a lot of fast thumb-ups from music enthusiasts who have a preference for wild youth vibes.

MadOut Muzik’s “Money Moves Cyphers” is heavily packed up with 12 paper-chase crazy dancehall heads consisting couple the label’s cople CEO [MadRas and Qween MadRas], Ikie Stylish, Trigazy, Sean Taylor, Ravon, Born Bhad, Vybz Flair, Tommy Slim, Eddy Rhyme, Shabani and X Blankson.

Check back on this blog for the release of the audio.