[Mystic Roots Riddim Song LYRICS]: KONKARAH – Mt Zion


Konkarah performed “Mt Zion” on the Mystic Roost Riddim which was produced by Irie Ites Studio. Check for the song download link at the bottom of the lyrics.


‘’Mt Zion’’
Hail De I
Holy Immanuel I
Selassie Jah Rastafari
Seat Pon De Throne Of
Mount Zion I
Hold De Faith
Keep On Trodding
Harder De Battle Sweeter De Victory
BoomBaam !!!

Never Gonna Back Down
We Dey Pon Jah Journey
Never Gonna Back Down
We Going To Mount Zion

Verse 1
What A Journey
It’s Not An Easy Journey
Long Long Journey
We Keep On Trodding
Never Get Weary
We Wol A Steady Medi
Burn Down Fake Dready
We Never Bow Nah Loose Faith
I Man Ever Ready
Head Up
Mi Lace Up Me Shoe Lace
Mount Zion Is A Holy Place
No Wicked Can Get No Space
De Clean Heart Will See Jah Face
No Dirty Man Can Enter Deh
No Canal Mind Can Enter Deh
No Evil Man Can Enter Deh
Wicked Man Can Enter Deh
Only De Righteous Will Go Through
Jah Children Will Go Through
De Rastaman Will Go Through
Yuh Bag A Money Cant Save Yuh
De Pastor Man Can’t Save Yuh
De Good Yuh Do Will Save Yuh
Many Are Call But De Chosen Are Few
Da Wan Yah Name
Mi Sing Again
Watch Yah Again
Seet Yah Now


Verse 2
Ithiopia Is De Foundation
Lef Outta Babylon Gallang To Zion
Haffi Go Home Rastafari
Stretch For Repatriation
Full Time Now Seek Fi Salvation
King Alpha Is De Father Of All Nation
Jah Mission Weh me dey Pon
Burn pollution
Rastafari Gi Me De Inspiration
Queen Omega Is Mother Of All Creation
Since Generation She A Build Up Nation
Know Where Yuh Going Inna Dis A Gideon
Never Caught Up Inna Babylon Illusion
Burn Dem Doctrine
Burn Dem Confusion
Mi Go Suh Yow


De Righteous Path Very Ruff An Tuff
Forward We Forward To Holy Mount Zion
Final Destination
Over De Hills An Valley
Through De Rains An Storm
Jah Children Keep Moving On
Rastafari Never Let Us Down
A Me Seh Mystic Roots
We Bring De Mystic Truth
Konkarah Jahvybz
Irie Ites
We Tek It To De Ites
Positive Eeeeenergy


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