Ofori Showcases Ryder One GH Coutre At Glam GH Fashion Show 2018, Yegola Hotel


AUTHOR: Regula Rebel and Patrick Sticks

The Kumasi based fashion designer Emmanuel Ofori also made up to the Glam GH Fashion Show 2018 to splash out his wide spectrum of trendy and classic costumes to the Glam audience. Ofori is a product of Barimapa Fashion And Training Institute, he’s been on the designing for years and has a deep stepping in today’s fashion stream. However awkward and mind-beating a client’s specs are, Ofori cuts that out to a grand genius finish. .

To Ofori African fabrics bring life to costumes and add extra confidence to persona, thus he makes sure his sewing skills slide on lively edge when he’s on the lively edge to prove his designing mastery. With his rare ability to blend multiple fabrics perfectly to an harmonious whole, he finds ease at meeting very complex international high standards.

Ofori became “The Star Designer” at Golden Style Fashion Show in 2016. He went on to win the best style plaque at the Face of Ghana Telecom University in Kumasi, 2017.

African Night Fashion Weekend, Suncity Fashion Week, Mefiri Obuasi Fashion Show, Golden Style Fashion Show and many others saw his Ryder One Gh Couture garments on their runway.

Glam Gh present Ryder One Gh Couture a designer on the runway at Glam Gh Fashion Show.


Ofori Showcases Ryder One GH Coutre At Glam GH Fashion Show 2018, Yegola Hotel







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