Pressure From Kofi Kinaata’s Fans And PUOM Freaks Forces Ras Kuuku To Release Wo Remix Before Official Schedule


Written By: Regula Rebel
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From the very minute the news broke out that Ras Kuuku has cut a “Wo” remix with Kofi Kinaata, he has never gone a week free of multiple release date enquiries. Kuuku’s Facebook inbox and public WhatsApp line has been overly inundated with pressure fan enquiries and numerous private requests for the song.

In a total count, according to the Ras, 33 Taadi guys living abroad have contacted him begging to pay any amount to get the “Wo” remix sent to them before the song comes out officially for mass public consumption. Kuuku had to sweet-talk them into patience, though their response proved a long wait wasn’t a cool option for them.

The ship suffers the worse overflow! The overbearing daily mass pressure by several Kofi Kinaata fans and impatient die-hard POUM freaks for the release of the “Wo” remix before December rears its head has finally forced Biggest Boss (PR affairs manager for Ras Kuuku) to let the song out before officially stipulated release date. Biggest is making a premature release to ease and please the pressure fans.

The original “Wo” cut busted the waves, getting constant radio traction on multiple stations nationwide. The original being a wave-buster already, fans are of the right inference that the remix with Kofi Kinaata comes with some mind-blowing Fanti rap toasts laced into it to their listening pleasure, hence their high impatience.

Now, the much-awaited “Wo” remix comes out this Thursday, 15 November. Biggest Boss has hinted.