Queen Ruki Serves Audience With Stellar Performance At Reggae Dancehall Box 3


Written By: Regula Rebel [Call/WhatsApp: +233 244 859 296]

INSIDE Entertainment Africa, Ghana
Reggae songstress Queen Ruki pulled out a stunning live band performance last Saturday at the third edition of Reggae Dancehall Box on the Rising Phoenix stage. The Queen keeps elevating through high excellence remarks event after event, a clear evidence she’s been seriously honing her craft to reach that most ennvied platinum stage performance tandard which is seemingly a long-time preserve of male artistes.

Counted the third and last female artiste on the bill, Ruki opened the live band segment of the event after the close to an hour DJ playback segment which was controlled King Bash and DJ Fat Joe.

Working stunningly off a mini 5 track playlist which consisted of her popular cuts “Good To Be Good”, “Loving You”, “Health & Sanitation” “Let Them Know” and her very latest “Su Kaasa”, Queen Ruki delivered a tasty stellar set from her deep — giving the audience a memorable depth that will surely keep their ears having warm echoes of her mild lyrical punchlines and attention-grabbing choruses, more especially those of “Su Kaasa” and “Let Them Know”.

Ruki performed to the expectation of her famous social media her hash tag #LetThemKnow”. This remark is to be taken to mean that she LET the audience KNOW what the constantly improving Queen Ruki is surprisingly capable of.

Her personal event calendar checked, the fourth edition of Ruki’s Accra Community Tour is scheduled to come off at Ayata Corner latest third week of August.

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….Published 20th June, 2017.


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