Ras Kuuku And DJ Nature Won, The Top Magic Pair At Ghana Meets Naija “19


DJ Nature Won And Ras Kuuku, The Magic Pair At Ghana Meets Naija

Wherever-whenever Ras Kuuku and his personal super-skillful dj [DJ Nature Won] touch the stage, it’s a straight-up DOUBLE IMPRESSION PERFORMANCE PACKAGE: the event promoters get their widest smile of the night, the audience feels treated to a unique musical euphoria.
Last Saturday’s Ghana Meets Naija had been pre-judged to be a down-gig edition as the event’s bill was devoid of Ghana’s top three A-list artistes, but Ras Kuuku’s stellar performance would nullify the pre-judgment. The Ras broke the blogs Sunday morning with news of his performance, several bloggers rated him as the best performer at this year’s Ghana Meets Naija .

DJ Nature Won [Ras Kuuku’s personal dj] had the loudest praise of his career life off Kuuku’s topnotch performance for putting up an above-standard dj’ing skills on stage. The paramount among the praises is he gave Kuuku a super perfect live mixing that stirred the partisan’s then dull pleasure.

It has always been a unique euphoric magic scene, watching Ras Kuuku and DJ Nature Won work on stage.