Sarkodie Ignores Shatta Rako’s Packaging Proposal For “Sarkology”, Shatta Wale Uses It For “Reign”


Written By: Regula Rebel

It has always been Shatta Rako’s insistence since 2013 that artistes should opt to package their albums with flashdrives instead of releasing them on CDs, as the use of flashdrives has recently made CDs almost obsolete and CDs are less used in homes, entertainment facilities, radio stations, musical concerts and even on personal commute. When Rako thought of the innovation, he proposed it to his colleague artistes, but only a few gave it due consideration.

Shatta Rako is of the strong view that once some patrons who might not want to check the online stores yet would like to go home with a physical package that contains digital copies of the artiste’s music, the flashdrive package is the best alternative over a CD for spot sales during an album launch.

In the heat of the pre-release broadcast, Shatta Rako proposed the idea of the flashdrive album package to SarkCess Music for Sarkodie’s “Sarkology” album, but the SarkCess team failed to buy into his proposal.

Here is the photo of the model design Rako made for Sark’s “Sarkology” album.

After Rako made an exemplary move by using the idea for his “Preface” album and ran a media campaign asking other artistes to join his trend, Shatta Wale follows suit by packaging his “Reign” album tracklist on a flashdrive too.

Many a fan that buy a flashdrive album do so to have a physical reference of their favorite artiste’s album or they only buy it to show off their fanship pride. Most mostly not too later transfer the songs onto their iPod, mp3 player SD drive, laptops and phone’s music library. Others still use the flashdrive with other songs loaded up to compliment the album’s resident songs to not keep the flashdrive’s substitute space idle.