Shatta Rako Descends On Fellow Artistes Over Slogan Theft, Makes “Talent Over Hype” Originator Claim

Shatta Eako

Written By: Regula Rebel

INSIDE Entertainment Ghana
Plagiarism in the music industry hardly abates and offenders still seek easy ride off the initiatives of hardworking genius to reach fame.

Currently ongoing in the Ghanaian reggae-dancehall space is a slogan theft case between Shatta Rako and some artistes who have stolen his “Talent Over Hype” slogan instead of originally creating similar slogans to back their brands.

On record, it was Shatta Rako who coined the slogan “Talent Over Hype” some years back and even has an already released song tilted “Talent Over Hype” to buttress his originator claim.

Speaking with Shanti’s Mailbox, Rako related that he is happy others are using his slogan in their social media posts with the hasg tag #TalentOverHype, but it’s more crediting if they link their posts to his works.

As inferred, Rako wants his people to be using the hash tag with regard to promoting his works or in cases where they are mentioning him.

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