Shatta Rako Puts Uganda’s David Lutalo On TekOver MekMoney Remix, Song Drops Next MONDAY


Sort of a repeat emphasis to trumpet his resurface moves, Shatta Rako tends to revert our minds to an “eyes on the prize reminder” next Monday with the release of his “TekOver MekMoney” remix which this time features David Lutalo, one of the widely celebrated talents in Uganda.

Just a few weeks ago Rako stirred up his game presence with the release of his controversial single “Mic Check”, which shook the waves with a heavy sudden thud and scored up a massive public attention point for Rako. The official “Mic Check” video now showing on 4syte TV keeps refreshing the quake as many that are watching it keep praising the lyrical delivery excellence and the power style Rako demonstrated in weaving the song. Be it a sequel to “Mic Check” or nah, the release of “TekOver MekMoney” adds up to a dichotomy that got us inferring that Rako is saying

“I’m out for the fortune and its accessories now” but in a subtle expression.

By the “TekOver MekMoney” remix, it’s clear Rako is digging deeper now to hit the treasure by doing both the necessary and extra.

Watch out for more new official videos that Rako has scheduled up for speedy releases, starting next month —- perhaps.


Published 28th April, 2018.


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