[Song Review]: Cruked Route Declares A Reborn Hip Hop Generation In “Ehiende”, His Riddim Rap Track


Written By: Regula Rebel
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Lacing up typical rap lines through a pure reggae riddim comfortably is a rare do for most rappers who are far stuck to the core basics of the hip hop culture and can’t operate smooth on an un-popped reggae beat, but it’s so amazing how Cruked Route plays a perfect major in the rap reggae stream. When he dropped “Ehiende”, the intellectuals who listened to the first verse punches intently got to know that rap has had a messiah who is tasked to build a new generation followers of conscious rap vibes.

Giving Cruked Route’s “Ehiende” song a long multiple repeat listen, you realize he worked up a strong befitting connect between rap and reggae, considering the fact that the song has a beautiful catchy appeal that makes it highly pleasing to both reggae and hip hop enthusiasts.

“Ehiende” coming out as his maiden rap reggae release that’s set to announce his brand identity, Cruked Route surely would like to make a boastful* champion statement with its lyrical delivery uniqueness and novelty package to either send out a blinking red signal that he is out on a musical revolutionary exodus that will cause a phenomenal upheaval so the overly-hyped  lightweight content rappers who still can’t make some truly great leadership impact in the game had better vacate rap league’s lead spot for him or he is signaling his colleague rappers to drop the low vibratory cliché lyrics almost every rapper is sailing on. This subliminal statement is more this inference because most often in private chats Cruked Route seriously keeps emphasizing on his supreme priority to revolutionize modern day rap by reviving it deeply to a grand depth that relates up to the super higher realm elements that quicken the human mind to reason beyond its physical surroundings.

Let’s take a short deep thought about “Ehinede”‘s first verse, the very part Cruked says “How many rules can I break to communicate with those who can relate
I don’t follow trends, I just operate in this realm with different set of rules”

Only a truly revolutionary lyricist who aims at breaking bounds to lead a minority path for the world’s few mass liberation thinkers will send out this heavy message in his song and live up to it.

The definitive excerpt “to communicate with those who can relate” is a clear source confirmation that Cruked Route’s core brand identity songs aren’t cooked for those who are heavily staunching on the materialistic side of hip hop and can’t find an easy flow along the lines of deep rap. He rather raps his core for deep thinkers who are tired of soul-deprived hip hop.

Rap is to hip hop beats, but why is Cruked Route more inclined to reggae riddims? Cut short, he is of the higher spirituality side and he is in the game to inject genuine consciousness into hip hop by using the marriage of rap and reggae with the intent to connect reggae and hip hop enthusiasts on a hybrid wave that sweeps over their mind, spirit and soul to super-empower them to achieve their back their long lost being.

In “Ehiende”, Cruked Route makes a subtle declaration of a reborn hip hop generation that’s more concerned with higher spirituality —- a generation that sees rare revelations, hears silent esoteric sounds, defeats suppression and lives highly in tune with the universe without lack, as it still takes full dominion over all that’s endowed to man to ensure his comfort on earth.

DOWNLOAD “Ehiende” here:  [DOWNLOAD]

Published on 7th August, 2018.


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