[Song Review]: SARKODIE – State Of Mind, featuring SCATA BADA


Written By: Regula Rebel
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Just when the front tip of the beat drops into your ears at a maiden listen, the most immediate remark that cooks up in your mind is “What Sark got coming isn’t meant for butt shaking, revelry, or stupid dance moves, this is a thought-provoking track”. Yes, “Sarkordie’s “State Of Mind” is a conscious self-praise piece for calm contemplation. Every little bit of it relates to the life, truth and passion of every sovereign entertainment idol — the subtle competitor hate, the fake industry peer love that crops up around celebrities midway their prime and the odd chronic tendency that splits celebrities between quit and continue. Sark got all that and more summed up in the “State Of Mind”, seconded by soulful feature hook works by Scata Bada.

As solemn as the beat speed runs so is Sark’s delivery tone — giving the lyrics the power it takes a touchy song to enter its listeners’ hearts. But oops, this melancholy effect twists off into what draws a fast “aw reaction” from fans where Sark hits them sad with the hard line: “menk)so enrappi anaa menforgetti” (should I continue music or I had better quit?”). Off this line comes the revelation that Sark has been contemplating retreat from music all this while, a reality many fans won’t believe is true if they consider the huge fame and glorious affluence music has given Sark.

Sarkodie and Titi, his daughter

But what could still prompt Sarkodie to quit music? Could the reason be fatherhood that comes with multiple family commitments or he just feels satisfied at peak and wishes himself a retirement instead of exploring new horizons? Saying “S3 mes)re an)pa na menu Tracy na Titi na am fine” (I feel fulfilled whenever I wake up to Tracy and Titi) forces us to conclude that Sark has a secret urge to trade music in for his wife Tracy and daughter Titi but this could only be easy once he has the judgment that music and family give him equal life fulfilment.

Sovereignty pride sets in like boom and Sark takes to defending his rap king crown by saying “I can leave my crown on the floor for a vacation in Bahamas and still come back home to meet it untaken by another rapper”. A strong second verse for real. He further on challenges his competition to give him a strong rivalry, a clue that he feels that none can dethrone him. He confirms his kingly invincibility by saying ” Tema boy, one man standing”.

Simply put, Sark’s “State of Mind” track is about his confusion between quitting or continuing in music, his passion for the game, the envied winnings he has gathered so far, his ability to maintain his height as the rap king in Ghana for years, and his bold request for tight competition by his local rivals.

We can’t forget Scata Bada while discussing Sark’s “State of Mind”. He fixed the hooks right at the tails of Sark’s verses.

Knowing Scata Bada to the core, a fan would expect nothing but a power-packed soulful lines delivered in classic singing. He did just that. The reggae-dancehall head, with the lyrics of his hook, confirmed his mutual stance in relation to Sark’s reality, he clearly states that there’s hate in the game but the strong keeps going on up.

Here is the twist that may elude many fans who will listen to Sark’s “State of Mind”, the subtle ambiguity it comes with: Sark is rapping out the thoughts he’s been harbouring up his mind and then mocks his rivals that they can never take off his crown. The inference is any attempt by a rival rapper to dethrone Sarkodie is just a fleeting wishful thought. He’s the last man stranding, the second verse lays the emphasis bare.

Published on 7th August, 2018


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