Willy Wanta Returns To The Mic With Focus On Massive Street Admiration

WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel

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Sort of haunted by his inner musical forces to make an inescapable active comeback, reggae-dancehall’s longtime runaway Willy Wanta finally returns to the studio to continue work on what the real world calls unfinished business.

Willy’s return is very young, not up to two production months yet he can boast of a bright return that’s full of sweet prospects. Even, the youthfulness of the three new tracks he has thus recorded give a clue he did a massive radical change to his musical skill pack in preparation for his comeback.

Listening to his recent release “Only Jah”, his energy and delivery emotions prove the good old Willy Wanta neither knows no panting nor fade-off — he is still form-fit in the music game’s race. The next release “Love You Love You” is no doubt a big street jam that will shoot Willy straight up the top spot he missed in the past period.

Backayard Movement Ting (Willy’s camp) has side-listed “Love You Love You” as a lead promo track, and it will be given due publicity to widen Willy’s visibility while they work on building a fast growing worldwide fan base for him.

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Published 2nd March, 2019.